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Markforged printers are the first and only 3D printers that smartly embed continuous fiber to created a printed composite part. And they have introduced a breakthrough method of printing same-day real metal. The design flexibility of 3D printing combined with the remarkable strength of continuous strand fibers or metals for parts that are much stronger, stiffer and more impact resistant than parts from any other 3D printer.

With the Form 2 SLA 3D printer, and Fuse 1 SLS 3D printer, Formlabs is establishing the industry benchmark in professional 3D printing for professionals from a variety of industries. High-performance materials were developed specifically for formlabs printer, Formlabs is committed to bringing powerful and accessible fabrication tools into the creative hands of professionals around the world.

For over twenty five years 3D systems has revolutionized product development through the application of Production 3D Printers and Professional Printers to generate concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns and molds for tooling, and real end-use parts. Get out in front of your new product design, packaging or tooling requirements, and deliver real parts – real time.

Markforged obtains favorable jury verdict in competitor IP case

Jury finds independently-developed technology in metal printing system created by Markforged did not infringe upon competitor patents

WATERTOWN, Mass., July 30, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Markforged, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, today announced that following a 21 day trial, a jury in the United States District Court, District of Massachusetts, Boston, unanimously found that Markforged did not infringe any claims of IP belonging to Desktop Metal…

Stanley Black & Decker Relies on Metal 3D Printing for Production Parts

Engineers from Stanley Black & Decker are searching for a cost-effective way to manufacture low volume, complex parts. After exploring metal 3D printing technologies, Stanley Black & Decker chose Markforged’s new Metal X additive manufacturing technology to produce reliable, 3D printed production parts and slash their capital costs and lead times.


Download the case study to analyze the part and performance comparison from Stanley Black & Decker’s original parts versus the parts printed on the Metal X 3D printing system. You’ll see why their engineers believe they can recover thousands of dollars per year on just one 3D printed part, while replicating the part quality and reliability they expect from machined parts.

ADAM: A Revolutionary New Way to Manufacture Metal Parts

Today’s metal 3D printers are the mainframe computers of manufacturing. They are large, slow, and expensive ($500k -1M). In the same way mainframes were disrupted by cloud data centers, large-format metal printers will be replaced by smaller, low cost machines working in parallel – print-farms. Markforged’s Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) process for printing metal unlocks a new era of metal parts production. 3D metal print-farms will shorten development time, closing the gap between prototyping and production….

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