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Engitype is the northwest’s first choice for 3D printing sales and service.

Carbon Fiber and Metal 3D Printers

High Quality SLA and SLS 3D Printers

3D Filament Drying Solutions

Colorjet and Multijet 3D Printers

NEW Markforged Composite Material: Onyx ESD

Onyx ESD is a high-performance and static-dissipative version of Onyx that is stronger, stiffer, and meets stringent ESD-safe requirements. Its professional, deep matte-black finish is the same as the old Onyx materials you love, now for electrical applications.

How to Quickly Fabricate Short Run Injection Molds: A Live Panel Discussion December 10th

Injection molding requires high initial investment and lead time for tooling, which slows down the introduction of new products to the market. However, 3D printing technology offers a costcutting, agile solution to quickly design and fabricate molds for small runs of...

October 6th Demo Session: Part Design for the Form 3L

Join Jake Kapusta of Formlabs as he walks through the design considerations that go into preparing a part for the expanded size and capabilities of the Form 3L.

Introducing the Form 3BL: Biocompatible Solutions for 3D Printing

The New Standard for Biocompatible 3D Printing The Formlabs dental 3D printing ecosystem is designed specifically to meet the strenuous demands of dental professionals. The versatile, reliable Form 3B desktop 3D printer and production-ready Form 3BL large-format 3D...

Markforged Virtual Event Series – Save Your Seat.

Join Markforged for a series of virtual events discussing a leading global responsiveness strategy — additive manufacturing.

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