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Markforged printers are the first and only 3D printers that smartly embed continuous fiber to created a printed composite part. And they have introduced a breakthrough method of printing same-day real metal. The design flexibility of 3D printing combined with the remarkable strength of continuous strand fibers or metals for parts that are much stronger, stiffer and more impact resistant than parts from any other 3D printer.

With over 17 years of experience in the industry, Engitype knows 3D printing. Providing the best 3D printer service and repair in the northwest, Engitype focuses and excels at keeping your machines running like new, so that you can focus on what really matters. An engineering heavy staff, experience, and our own fleet of printers gives us the resources to provide you with the right solutions, fitted to your needs, in the shortest amount of time.

For over twenty five years we have revolutionized product development through the application of Production 3D Printers and Professional Printers to generate concept models, precision and functional prototypes, master patterns and molds for tooling, and real end-use parts. Get out in front of your new product design, packaging or tooling requirements, and deliver real parts – real time.

Unlock the Full Potential of your 3D Printing

As your partner in manufacturing innovation, we’d like to thank you for your business with two, year-end promotions – the Industrial Series Composite offer and the Industrial Composite and Metal package. Expand your capabilities with Markforged’s lineup of Industrial Series printers and you’ll make larger 3D printed parts with industrial grade accuracy, quality and strength.

ADAM: A Revolutionary New Way to Manufacture Metal Parts

Today’s metal 3D printers are the mainframe computers of manufacturing. They are large, slow, and expensive ($500k -1M). In the same way mainframes were disrupted by cloud data centers, large-format metal printers will be replaced by smaller, low cost machines working in parallel – print-farms. Markforged’s Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) process for printing metal unlocks a new era of metal parts production. 3D metal print-farms will shorten development time, closing the gap between prototyping and production….

MIT Students Make the First Composite 3D Printed Rocket Motor With Markforged Materials Application

The CFF (Continuous Fiber Fabrication) technology Markforged provides enables a plastic part to withstand the extreme environment of a rocket motor. Fiber infill enables the material to withstand both pressure and thermal loads. The internal pressure creates two directions of mechanical load in the motor case: a hoop stress (circumferential) and an axial stress. The Mark Two enables us to support the hoop stress by laying hoops of continuous fiberglass around the inner circumference of the motor case. The fiberglass increases the tensile strength in the circumferential direction by an order of magnitude compared to nylon alone, and Onyx helps support the axial stress on the motor case. The nylon-chopped carbon mixture offers improved strength and layer adhesion over other filament deposition plastics.

3D Systems Introduces a Multi-Material 3D Printer Solution with Breakthrough Total Cost of Operations

New ProJet MJP 5600 multi-material composite 3D printer delivers new price performance standard for large format, multi-material printers. Expanded SLA solutions including new Accura materials and 3D Sprint 2.5 to connect customers with faster, more efficient 3D printing. Geomagic Freeform 2017 delivers enhanced tools for mass-custom design and manufacturing



Engitype Inc. is an authorized reseller of 3D Systems, Inc. and Markforged, Inc. Premium 3D Printers. Currently, Engitype has offices in Portland and Seattle. We sell and service the highest quality 3D Printers in the world. With over 17 years of experience in 3D Printing, Engitype can be your primary source of information and service for 3D Printers.

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