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3D Systems, the inventor of Stereolithography (SLA), brings you legendary precision in 3D printers, fine-tuned for cost-efficiency and unrivaled material availability. These advanced 3D printers produce exact plastic parts without the restrictions of CNC or injection molding. In addition to prototypes and end-use parts, these SLA printers create casting patterns, rapid tooling and fixtures. With speed, accuracy and surface quality of this level, you can produce low- to medium-run parts at a lower per-unit cost and build massive, highly-detailed pieces faster.

PROJET® 6000 & 7000

The ProJet 6000 and 7000 SLA 3D printers offer all the benefits of SLA in a smaller footprint so you can print parts for prototyping, rapid tooling and end-use with fine-feature detail. With a wide choice of VisiJet® performance engineered materials that match or exceed traditional plastic properties and easily swappable material delivery modules, print exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.

ProX™ 800 & 950

ProX 800 and ProX 950 SLA printers build parts with outstanding surface smoothness, feature resolution, edge definition and tolerances. Offering the broadest range of materials among all 3D printers, they are also highly efficient, with minimal waste. Combined with their exceptional productivity and reliability, it’s no wonder that 3D Systems SLA printers are the #1 choice of professional service bureaus.

Benefits of Stereolithography

The original, and most accurate, 3D printing technology, fine-tuned for even greater speed and reliability.


True-to-design accuracy and surface finish.


Get the mechanical specifications you need with a wide variety of differentiated materials


High strength and good dimensional stability.


Advance your part manufacturing workflow. The fastest print technology for large parts and production runs. With swappable material delivery modules, get 24/7 utilization.


All 3D Systems SLA printers use precision mirror-driven lasers that can place a laser spot with a location resolution of 6.35 μm on the print surface, which is equivalent to an incredible 4000 DPI.


SLA printers are able to print highly detailed, tiny parts just a few mm in size, all the way up to 1.5 m long parts—all at the same exceptional resolution and accuracy. Even large parts remain highly accurate from end-to-end, with virtually no part shrink or warping.


• Assembly jigs and fixtures                                                 • Aerospace

• Orthodontics and dental                                                    • Packaging

• Wind tunnel models                                                           • Electronics

• Medical devices                                                              • Rapid tooling

• Consumer goods                                                              • Automotive

• Turbine production                                                  • Precision casting

Engitype Inc. is an authorized reseller of 3D Systems, Inc. and Markforged, Inc. Premium 3D Printers. Currently, Engitype has offices in Portland and Seattle. We sell and service the highest quality 3D Printers in the world. With over 16 years of experience in 3D Printing, Engitype can be your primary source of information and service for 3D Printers.

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