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Are you familiar with these printing failures?

Clogging, general low quality, weakness, and overextrusion all occur when your parts are not kept in their optimized environment. The silent cause of these printing problems? Mositure.

There is certain amount of moisture in the ambient air. It can vary depending on the place, but there is always, at least a small percentage of water in the atmosphere. This factor is now increasingly becoming a serious problem for 3D printing. It’s the source of a lot of issues like degradation or fragility.
All filaments absorb water but, some of them, such as Nylon, PVA or TPU (Flex) are prone to absorb moisture more easily than others. As a major rule, if you leave a filament “unprotected” for some time, it becomes worse to print with.

You can put your filament worries to bed with Smart3D’s new Multimaterial Dryer. 

Dry over 10 times faster
This system allows the filaments to be dried much faster than any other current solution on the market. In 1-2 hour, you can have the Dryer’s full storage capacity in perfect conditions and ready to use.

Keep track of your dried material
With the 7 inch touchscreen, you can access a lot of information about the drying process, dried materials, keep track of your material stock, and many more features.

Dry up to 24 spools
Unlike other drying solutions on the market, the Smart3D Multimaterial Dryer can dry and store large 2.2kg spools, or up to 24 1kg spools, depending on spool size.

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