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Lightform ar


Engitype has trained professionals that can help you with your unique projection mapping and AR projects. Contact us for more information– tell us how we can help you.

Lightform Creator Software

Lightform Creator is a software founded on depth-based smart selection to customize projections to your unique 3D surface.


Free with the purchase of an LF2/C.

Lightform LF2

The first AR projector of its kind, the LF2 is outstanding in its ability to read and project onto unique surfaces.

The LF2 comes with Lightform’s Creator software to customize your projected surface in a way never seen before with projection mapping. 

Lightform Compute (LFC)

The LFC Kit includes a versatile mounting system that will fit all kinds of setups. Mount LFC to the projector, drop pole, ceiling, or whatever fits your unique configuration.

The kit includes

  • Compact compute for scanning & media playback. Intel Gemini Lake N4000 w/ 8GB RAM.
  • Logitech Brio 4K color camera for scanning with adjustable focus & field of view.
  • Projector mounts for compute & camera, with adhesive bases for 3 projectors.
  • Lightform Creator content creation software. Perpetual license included.