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Bambu Lab A1 Combo

A Colorful Gateway to 3D Printing

Meet the Bambu Lab A1 Combo

The Bambu Lab A1 Combo is a game-changer in the world of 3D printing, boasting an array of innovative features that elevate the printing experience to new heights.

Product Features

  • Full-auto Calibration
  • Multi-Color Printing
  • Active Flow Rate Compensation
  • 1-Clip Quick Swap Nozzle
  • Active Motor Noise Cancelling
  • 256*256*256 mm³ Build Volume

Unboxing the Bambu Lab A1 Combo

Performance Materials

A variety of materials, colors, utilities– you name it, Bambu Lab has got it.

Technical Specifications

Build Volume

256 × 256 × 256 mm³


385*410*430 mm³, Package size 546*536*420 mm³,
Net weight 8.3 kg, Gross weight 14.3 kg

Supported Filament


Not Recommended: ABS, ASA, PC, PA, PET, Carbon/Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer

Ready to add a Bambu Lab 3D printer to your workflow?