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SLS technology uses a laser to harden and bond small grains of plastic, ceramic, glass, or other materials into layers in a 3D dimensional structure. One of the major benefits of SLS is that it doesn’t require the support structures since the product lies in a bed of powder. This characteristic alone, while also conserving materials, means that SLS is capable of producing geometries that no other technology can. We can make previously impossible geometries, cut down on assembly time and alleviate weak joints. SLS is capable of producing highly durable parts for real-world testing and because SLS parts are so robust, they rival those produced in traditional manufacturing methods like injection molding and are already used in a variety of end-use applications, like automotive and aerospace.

ProX™ SLS 500

The newest generation in SLS printers, creating the smoothest surfaces and highest resolution thermoplastic parts. Create tough and durable parts with uniform 3D mechanical properties: machine on machine, print after print, independent of part orientation.

sPro™ 140, 230, & 60HD-HS

The sPro SLS systems share a common architecture to produce high-resolution, durable thermoplastic parts with Industrial-grade technology that’s relied on for the toughest applications, year after year.


Direct manufacturing from a 3D CAD file eliminates cost and time involved in tooling and fixtures.


SLS technology frees designers from the restrictions of traditional manufacturing. Complete assemblies can be printed as one part, improving functionality, reducing cost and increasing reliability.


Eliminates extensive programming and fixturing, freeing up your machinists. Drastically reduce assembly times by reducing total part count.


Additive manufacturing requires no tooling, reducing overhead and increasing economies of scope.

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