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Multimaterial Filament Drier

Low Moisture for High Performance.

The Smart3D Multimaterial Dryer is the only current solution that integrates a hybrid drying technology at end-user level.

Preserve the properties of your materials.
Our hybrid drying technology dries your filament and preserves its
properties, ensuring your material is in its best conditions to be printed.

Dry over 10 times faster.
This system allows the filaments to be dried much faster than any other
current solution on the market. In 1-2 hours, you can have the Dryer’s full
storage capacity in perfect conditions and ready to use.

Product dimensions 

  • W: 892 mm / 35.1” – D: 500 mm / 519.7” – H: 825 mm / 32.5”

Internal storage capacity 

  • W: 733 mm / 28.9” – D: 250 mm / 9.8” – H: 506 mm / 19.9”

Maximum spool diameter

  • 300 mm / 11.8”

Cycle duration 

  • 3 h*

Drying capacity

  • Up to 24 spools (depending on spool size)


  • Filament spools of any material and brand


  • WiFi, Ethernet, USB


  • 7” full color touch screen


*Total drying time may vary depending on material type and degree of humidity. The standard 3-hour drying cycle was designed to simultaneously dry a wide range of materials with moderate moisture levels, including TPU and nylon

Spool recognition

  • Through RFID tag

Reports and statistics

  • Temperature and drying cycles


  • Internet/Manual

4.0 Compliant

  • Yes