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MultiJet Printing

MJP is used to build parts, patterns, and molds with fine feature detail to address a wide range of applications. 

ProJet MJP 2500 Plus

The ProJet MJP 2500 Series embodies the latest in 3D Systems MultiJet Printing (MJP) technology, engineered to combine professional-grade 3D printing capabilities with an affordable price, compact footprint and easy part processing.

Post-Processing with Ease with the ProJet MJP 2500

Technical Specifications

Build Volume

294 x 211 x 144 mm (11.6 x 8.3 x 5.6 in)


1397 x 927 x 1314 mm (55 x 36.5 x 51.7 in)


1600 x 900 x 790 DPI

Material Compatibility

VisiJet Materials

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