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Desktop Series 3D Printers

Remove the barriers between design and putting your parts to use with time and cost savings at the convenience of your desktop.

Integrate the most efficient industrial 3D printing technology at an affordable cost.

Explore the Best Desktop 3D Printing Solutions.

The Onyx One & Onyx Pro

Industrial grade performance starts with an all-aluminum unibody enclosure built around an ultra flat gantry system. Add a machined aluminum stage with kinematic bed coupling, and a precision ground print platform. The Onyx One and Onyx Pro combine industrial quality with affordability.

The Mark Two

The most advanced desktop printer featuring Nylon, Onyx and Carbon Fiber! Ideal for high performance needs including automotive, aerospace, small custom end use manufacturing, functional prototyping and design. Get early access to new Markforged features on the Mark Two that you won’t get on the Onyx One & Pro.

Desktop Series Technical Specifications

Onyx One – Gen 2 Onyx Pro – Gen 2 Mark 2 – Gen 2
Build Volume 12.6 x 5.2 x 6 in 12.6 x 5.2 x 6 in 12.6 x 5.2 x 6 in
Footprint 23 x 13 x 14 in 23 x 13 x 14 in 23 x 13 x 14 in
Z Layer Resolution 100 μm 100 μm 100 μm
Plastic Materials Onyx and Nylon Onyx and Nylon Onyx and Nylon
Fiber Materials  Fiberglass Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Kevlar, and High Temp High Strength Fiberglass

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