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Resale Partners

Composite and Metal 3D Printers

Markforged has revolutionized what strength means to 3D parts with their Industrial and Desktop Series 3D printers that join reliability of parts with affordability. The Metal X delivers metal parts overnight using a new technology at a fraction of the cost.

High Quality SLA and SLS 3D Printers

The Form 3 broke ground on the affordability of high quality 3D printed parts. Now, Formlabs enters the industrial setting for additive manufacturing with the upcoming large format Form 3L and the new SLS Fuse 1. With a variety of materials well-suited to medical, modeling, casting, and more, Formlabs can become your 3D printing solution today.

3D Printer Filament Solutions

With the Multimaterial Dryer, Smart3D aims to protect and enhance the qualities of your 3D printing materials by protecting and monitoring their environment to prevent moisture and other interferences that are decreasing the quality of your prints.

ColorJet and MultiJet 3D Printers

3D Systems provides solutions to your 3D printing needs. The Figure 4 is affordable and versatile for low-volume production and fast prototyping. With ColorJet Printers, you can print concept models, design prototypes, and more, while MultiJet Printers create precise plastic parts that are ideal for functional prototyping, and many other applications.