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3D Printing Sales and Service

Engitype is the west coast’s number one choice in 3D printing sales and service.

We sell and service the following 3D printers and their materials:

Composite 3D Printers

SLA & SLS 3D Printers

ColorJet and MultiJet 3D Printers

Composite 3D Printers

SLA & SLS 3D Printers

ColorJet and MultiJet 3D Printers

What We Do


Engitype is a northwest-based engineering based Value Added 3D Printer Sales & Service company, offering printers from 3D Systems, Markforged, Formlabs & Smart3D. We stock parts and materials here in the NW and can usually ship same day. Our clients are our partners, and have access to any of our printers at partner pricing, allowing additional capacity and material options as well as minimizing any downtime.

Engitype offers the broadest range of 3D printers and materials of any value added reseller in the NW. It’s what we do!

Back to the Forge! Free Utah Event With Engitype • Markforged

Join Engitype and Markforged for one-on-one appointments to discuss how Markforged 3D printing solutions fit into your business’s new normal.

Upgrade to the newest Formlabs SLA printers today and get a $650 discount 

For a limited time, Formlabs is offering big savings if you upgrade your Formlabs 3D printer fleet with any Formlabs SLA printer.

Precise PLA Enters the Markforged Materials Library March 15th!

Markforged has finally announced their specialized version of the prototyping plastic, PLA. Precise PLA is PLA done the “Markforged way,” created to print with reliability and simplify the printing experience.

Nylon 12 GF Powder, Now Available for the Fuse 1 

It’s never been easier to bring manufacturing in-house, and with new gaps and blockages in previously reliable supply chains appearing every day, it’s never been smarter. The Fuse 1 SLS printer, now with new Nylon 12 GF Powder, enables every manufacturer to take...

Engitype at AMCON 2022: Success!

Thanks for coming out to meet us at AMCON!

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