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Markforged has just announced their newest addition to their composite material lineup, Onyx ESD. This material is exclusive to Markforged’s industrial printer lineup of printers, including the X3 and X7.

Onyx ESD is a high-performance and static-dissipative version of Onyx that is stronger, stiffer, and meets stringent ESD-safe requirements. Its professional, deep matte-black finish is the same as the old Onyx materials you love, now for electrical applications.


Application Spotlight: Columbia Elektronik AB

Columbia Elektronik AB is a Swedish manufacturer of complete test fixturing solutions for the Nordic electronics industry. The company has seen a steady increase in demand for ESD-safe materials due to the changing manufacturing landscape and rise in the need for more complex electronics.

Read how Columbia Elektronik uses Onyx ESD to reduce cost and improve quality here.

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