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Fuse 1

The industrial power of selective laser sintering on your benchtop, starting at $9,999.



  • Manage prototyping and production yourself, in your space, at a tenth of the cost of existing SLS machines.
  • Produce functional parts in 24 hours, without the delays of service bureaus.
  • No supports. Pack the build chamber with as many parts as you can fit and save time in post‑processing.
  • A removable build chamber enables continuous printing and reduces downtime.
  • With the Fuse 1, you can print with up to 50% recycled powder.


About Nylon 12

  • This isn’t your average 3D printed plastic. Nylon will bend and return to its original form, rather than fracturing suddenly.
  • Nylon is perfect for structural, load bearing, or mechanical parts.
  • Nylon is suitable for high temperature applications and parts that need to tolerate heat.

External Dimensions

  • 677 x 668 x 1059 mm

Build Volume (xyz)

  • 165 x 165 x 320 mm

Laser Spot Size

  • 200 µm

Layer Height

  • 100 µm

Slicer Software

  • Preform


  • Nylon 12

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