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Form Auto

Never stop printing. Formlabs has created a nearly 100% autonomous ecosystem for the Form 3 Series.

Form Auto

Form Auto is an automated hardware extension for your new or existing From 3/3+ 3D printers that seamlessly removes finished parts from the Build Platform 2 and starts the next print without the need for operator interaction, enabling 24/7 printing without downtime.

Fleet Control

Fleet Control activates new, advanced features within our Dashboard and PreForm software that leverage automation and workflow optimization for advanced fleet management including centralized queue management and automatic printer assignment.

High Volume Resin System

The High Volume Resin System seamlessly delivers 5L of resin through a pumping system, enabling your Form 3 generation 3D printers to run continuously with 5x the capacity of a standard cartridge.

Not yet available for order. More information on official launch to come H2 2023.

Introducing Formlabs Automation Ecosystem

SLA & SLS Post-Processing Solutions

Formlabs’ post-processing solutions simplify and automate post-processing so you can consistently produce quality results and maintain a tidy workspace with less time and effort.

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