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Injection molding requires high initial investment and lead time for tooling, which slows down the introduction of new products to the market. However, 3D printing technology offers a costcutting, agile solution to quickly design and fabricate molds for small runs of thermoplastics prototypes or end-use parts.

Join Formlabs on December 10 for a live panel discussion in which experts from the injection molding industry will discuss how 3D printing enables in-demand mold fabrication to generate hundreds of parts, from idea to production, in a matter of days.

Mark Bartlett, president of the engineering company Novus Applications and Jacob Fallon,
technology development engineer at leading polymer producer Braskem America, will delve into this hybrid process. They will share design guidelines and injecting conditions to manufacture low-run injection molds with 3D printing.

What you will learn:

  • Expert processes to design a 3D printed mold for injection molding.
  • Which printing and molding conditions ensure success, including an overview of the Formlabs resins that Novus Applications and Braskem use for the molds.
  • Strategies for the post-processing workflow, including ejection and demolding.

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