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Meet the future of your production line, the FX20.


The FX20 is the largest and most precise machine Markforged has ever produced.

It features an 84L heated build chamber and massive, verified-flat vacuum bed with print sheets. The motion control system offers closed loop control through precision linear encoders, and is tuned to move the 3kg print head rapidly and accurately.

FX20’s turbo mode builds parts faster than any Markforged machine, while new XL spools offer four times the material without spool changeover.

New materials will also be available at launch, including ULTEM™ 9085 Filament*, Markforged’s first high temperature printing polymer. It’s an extremely durable thermoplastic that exhibits excellent flame, smoke, and toxicity (FST) characteristics. Usable in production aerospace applications, ULTEM™ Filament brings Markforged’s CFR technology to a new realm of parts. ULTEM™ Filament is available in Markforged’s new 3200cc XL spool — four times larger than their standard spools.

The FX20 is remarkably easy to use. It features a 7 inch touchscreen from which users can control every aspect of the printer. Automated calibration and leveling reduces operator input, while a wide variety of sensors give live feedback on machine performance. A material bay contains two active XL spools and can store two more with precise moisture control.


Interested in more information? Click the link below to learn more about the FX20 and schedule a meeting with an Engitype specialist to see if the FX20 is the future of your production workflow.

*The “ULTEM™ and 9085 trademarks are used under license from SABIC, its affiliates or subsidiaries.