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Markforged has finally announced their specialized version of the prototyping plastic, PLA. Precise PLA is PLA done the “Markforged way,” created to print with reliability and simplify the printing experience.  Precise PLA prints on gen 2 Mark Two and Onyx Pro desktop series printers. Users will need a printer with the A3648 extruder since Markforged relies on the enhanced capabilities to print Precise PLA reliably. Check out this support article if you’re unsure which generation your extruder is from.

Precise PLA will be available for purchase March 15th in the colors yellow, red, orange, green, blue, gray, black and white. Engitype will be stocking certain colors based on customer demand. Contact us to let us know which color you’d like to see us stock on our webstore!

Completing the Product Life Cycle with Precise PLA Webinar

March 29, 2022 @ 7:00am PST

Come find out why Markforged created Precise PLA and how it can impact your product development work streams. We’ll cover examples of how manufacturers are going from prototype to finished production part on the same print system. Learn how Markforged’s unique approach to software makes iterating and refining concepts streamlined and efficient. Topics will include:

  • Precise PLA: What is it and why manufacturers should care?
  • Material selection: When to use Precise PLA vs. Onyx, carbon fiber, other processes
  • Software overview and demonstration
  • Reference example for the total product life cycle