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From educational settings to the most demanding commercial environments, 3D Systems’ family of ProJet CJP x60 3D printers is best known for its unparalleled color capabilities, but equally as impressive are its exceptional print speeds, efficiency and low cost of operation. It is the ideal 3D printer for concept models—with or without color. All models produced can be sanded, drilled, tapped, electroplated and have high temperature resistance for use in molding. Bring your ideas to life with the fastest, most affordable color 3D printers.

ProJet® CJP 260Plus

As our most affordable full-color 3D printing option, the ProJet CJP 260Plus prints with minimum features down to 0.4mm (0.016 inches) and is an ideal 3D printer for businesses, schools and industrial design departments.

ProJet® CJP 360

The ProJet CJP 360 expands the dimension and heightens the precision of our most affordable lines of professional automated 3D printers, producing monochrome white prints with minimum features down to 0.15mm (0.006 inches). With a net
build area of 203 x 254 x 203 mm (8 x 10 x 8 inches), this printer is ideal for product design labs, architectural modeling, medium-sized models and prototypes.

ProJet® CJP 460 Plus

The ProJet CJP 460Plus full-color 3D printer is the world’s most affordable color 3D printer with the highest ease-of-use in its class. Incorporating advanced 3-channel CMY full-color 3D printing, the ProJet CJP 460Plus operates with
safe build materials, active dust control and zero liquid waste, making it an ideal office companion with a wide range of applications.

ProJet® CJP 860Pro

The ProJet CJP 860Pro is our most productive professional 4-channel CMYK full-color 3D printer, featuring our largest build volume and highest resolution. The ProJet 860Pro has a maximum build size of 20 x 15 x 9 inches, with 5 print
heads for vibrant, realistic color printing. With print speeds of 0.2 – 0.6 inches per hour, you can create finished prints in hours, not days.

ProJet® CJP 660 Pro

With a net Build Area of 254 x 381 x 203 mm (10 x 15 x 8 inches) and build speed of 1.1 inches an hour, the ProJet CJP 660Pro is fast and accurate. It prints to a resolution of 600 x 540 dpi with a minimum feature size of 0.004 inches.
Incorporating professional 4-channel CMYK full-color 3D printing to produce exceptional high-resolution models.

Benefits of ColorJet Printing

The ProJet® CJP x60 series employs ColorJet Printing technology to produce high-resolution, true full-color realistic models and prototypes.


Produce high-resolution photo-realistic color models with full CMYK capability to better evaluate the look, feel, and style of product designs, without paint. Multiple print heads provide the best range of accurate and consistent colors, including gradients.


CJP technology allows the fastest print speeds to deliver models in hours, not days, so you can generate multiple iterations at the same time or large parts faster. Its high throughput supports an entire department with ease.


Select from a range of printers and associated color options, from monochrome printing to professional quality color with full CMYK, to create stunningly beautiful, full-color parts.




Closed-loop powder loading, removal, and recycling of natural products based build materials make it eco-friendly and safe to use. There are no physical support structures to remove with cutting tools or toxic chemicals.




With VisiJet PXL composite for the ProJet CJP x60 printer series, choose from a range of finishing options to meet your needs,
from ColorBond infiltration for stronger functional prototypes to wax for creating concept models quickly, safely and affordably.


Based on reliable and affordable ColorJet Printing (CJP) technology, ProJet CJP x60 printed parts costs are a fraction of competitive technologies. Featuring efficient material use, you eliminate waste and reduce finishing time as no supports are necessary and unused core material is recycled.


With 5x–10x faster print speeds than all other technologies, you can build large or multiple models at the same time in hours. Increase throughput with the stacking and nesting capability and select the Draft printing mode (monochrome) on Pro models to print up to 35% faster.



With a build volume of 20 x 15 x 9 inches (508 x 381 x 229 mm), the large capacity ProJet CJP 860Pro is the right choice for designers, engineers and architects who need to create very large models or high volumes of prototypes—up to 96 baseball-sized models in a single build.