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Hybrid Photosynthesis Technology

Transcending the limits of SLA, DLP, and LCD

Meet the Lumia X1

Discover the industry’s most accurate
and efficient 3D printing technology

The Lumia X1 3D printer offers users 24/7 lights-out production. Encompassing all of Axtra3D’s revolutionary technologies – Hybrid PhotoSynthesis, TruLayer Technology, and Intelli-Cartridge – combined with industrial dual Z-axis and other high-quality components, Lumia X1 gives customers superior production economics, uptime, repeatability, and printability.

Hybrid PhotoSynthesis Technology

Axtra3D’s patented Hybrid PhotoSynthesis (HPS) technology is a revolutionary and a breakthrough technology designed to
transcend the limits of current 3D printing technologies.

This transformative HPS technology combines a laser’s superiority with a projector’s capabilities,
resulting in higher resolution than SLA or DLP/LCD.

HPS Technology: Seeing is Believing

Lumia X1, powered by HPS, delivers impeccable print quality at leading-edge speed.


473 mins

6 Parts Printing Time


49 mins

6 Parts Printing Time


49 mins

6 Parts Printing Time

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