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3D Scanning Technology

3D Scanning technology creates high precision 3D models of real world objects with handheld tools that become 3D models right on your computer. 

Need a computer file of a real world part to print or analyze? 3D scanning technologies provide accurate 3D models exportable to a wide variety of file types to suit your needs, whether it be for analyzing or 3D printing.


peel 3d Scanners

peel 3d Scanners are affordable and efficient 3D scanning tools that convert real world objects to files on your computer, ready to 3D print.

The 3d scanner peel 1 can scan most items directly without any preparation as it recognizes the shape of objects automatically, along with smooth and flat surfaces. With the 3d scanner peel 2 and peel 2 CAD, peel 3d’s scanning technology only becomes more accurate and precise.

peel 3d’s scanning software includes

  • Cleanup: users can crop out things that don’t belong in the 3D scan.
  • Improve: to optimize the 3D capture.
  • Align: users can manually align meshes.
  • Export: it is possible to export 3D scans in a wide variety of formats.

What can peel 3d Scanning Technology do?