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Lumia X1

The first and only 3D printer powered by breakthrough HPS technology.

Lumia X1

The Lumia X1 3D printer offers users 24/7 lights-out production. Encompassing all of Axtra3D’s revolutionary technologies – Hybrid PhotoSynthesis, TruLayer Technology, and Intelli-Cartridge – combined with industrial dual Z-axis and other high-quality components, Lumia X1 gives customers superior production economics, uptime, repeatability, and printability.

Industry Leading Print Speed

Lumia X1, powered by HPS and TruLayer technologies, offers the fastest print speed on the market while still delivering extreme high resolution for fine feature details and smooth surfaces without pixelation or aliasing surface artifacts. The best of both worlds (print speed + injection molding quality) is now available from a single industrial-grade 3D printer.

Larger Build Volume
With Zero Sacrifices

For normal “DLP only” 3D printers, build size is in direct opposition to the resolution, minimum feature size, and ability to create smooth surfaces without post-processing. Lumia X1 with HPS technology eliminates that trade-off by offering a substantially larger build area than most 4k DLP machines with 45-micron resolution. Providing outstanding speed, size, and resolution makes Lumia X1 the best fit to address a wide variety of applications, from prototyping and tooling to end-use part production.

Today’s Materials,
Tomorrow’s Possibilities

The Lumia X1 was designed to handle today’s best materials and those of tomorrow. It is able to process filled and unfilled resins with a wide range of viscosities. As more 3D printing materials become available, the Lumia X1 is well positioned to offer access to the widest variety of these “future” materials.

Technical Specifications

Light Source

Hybrid Photosynthesis System

Adaptive Layer Separation

TruLayer Technology

Build Size (XYZ)

249 x 140 x 495 mm



Layer Resolution*

25 to 200 microns

(* Material and Design Dependent)


45 Microns

Build Modes

Extreme Quality Mode
High Quality Mode, DLP Mode

Standard Warranty

12 months


Open system compatible with 405 nm resins


Input File Format Open System Available – .
STL file Proprietary HPS Slicer (included)

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