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Formlabs is proud to announce TPU 90A Powder, our first soft-touch material for the Fuse Series SLS printers. TPU unlocks new possibilities in applications by combining the high tear strength and elongation at break of rubber materials with the design freedom and durability of SLS 3D printing. 

TPU 90A Powder is a flexible elastomer, making it ideal for 3D printing parts such as:


  • Skin-safe wearables 
  • Soles, splints, orthotics, and prosthetics 
  • Protective sport equipment
  • Gaskets, seals, masks, belts, plugs, and tubes
  • Padding, dampers, cushions, and grippers

Why TPU for the Fuse Series?


There are currently many ways to fabricate elastomeric parts, including traditional molding workflows and traditional powder bed fusion 3D printers. These workflows are either hampered by the geometric limitations of molding or the expense and complex workflows of most large industrial 3D printing solutions. TPU 90A Powder for the Formlabs Fuse Series is the ideal solution for fast, geometrically advanced, and flexible parts, in-house.

The Formlabs Fuse printers are the first powder bed fusion 3D printing systems to offer industrial SLS power with an accessible footprint and affordable price point. Now that the workflow has been proven by thousands of Fuse customers, expanding the powder library is Formlabs’ top priority. Accessible SLS enables small businesses to gain momentum and control over their means of production, and large businesses to diversify and decentralize their manufacturing methods, stabilizing their supply chains. Introducing materials that are new to the Fuse Series, but familiar to the industry, is the most powerful way Formlabs can enable innovation and encourage new workflows across every discipline.

What Can TPU 90A Powder Do?

TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, is one of the most commonly used elastomeric thermoplastics in the engineering, design, and manufacturing disciplines. This rubbery, durable material is everywhere: from sporting goods to medical devices, and the soles of the shoes on your feet.

There are proven workflows for the traditional manufacturing of TPU parts — and these workflows are still ideal for mass-produced rubber products. The advantages of printing TPU 90A Powder on the Fuse Series are found in the system’s ease of use for rapid prototyping, on-demand manufacturing aids, and customization possibilities.

Low Volume and Custom Ready-To-Wear Products

The skin-safe qualities of TPU 90A Powder and the Fuse workflow mean customization of direct-printed wearables is finally within reach. Though some luxury brands for watches, accessories, and footwear offer personalized touches like monogramming or graphics, customization of the actual form and shape of an item has been prohibitively expensive for manufacturers. With the accessibility of the Fuse Series workflow and the skin-safe qualities of TPU 90A Powder, customization in the wearable industry is possible.